7 Horror Flicks To Watch On Valentine’s Day

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6.The Underworld Series

My husband got me into the Underworld series. I had always been reluctant that they were too sappy for horror, but he convinced me to watch them, and after the first two I was hooked.

If you and your Valentine are looking to just have a relaxing night in, then these movies are perfect. They’re sexy, have an amazing cast (Bill Nighy and Michael Sheen to name a few), and–most important of all–they’re true to form horror movies. The Underworld series utilizes a lot of traditional effects, and their trademark bluish filter isn’t overly cheesy, and actually adds a cool and sultry mood to the films.

The best part of these films is that the story is seriously addicting,  you just have to know what happens next–or in some cases–what happens before. These would definitely be my pick along with candle light, a romantic home cooked meal, and some great red wine.