5 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries

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4. Who was Larry the lost boy?


August 7, 1973 will remain a day of mystery and possible tragedy. Several people in New Mexico that day, using CB radios, heard the disturbing cries for help from a little boy.

He said his name was Larry, and that he was trapped in a red and white pickup truck. He was with his father, who he thinks had a heart attack and was dead. He said that they had been on a rabbit hunting trip when his father collapsed on the steering wheel. Larry claimed that the truck had flipped over into a ravine and both doors were jammed and he was unable to escape.

The boy’s signal faded in and out over the next few days, and was also heard in California, Wyoming, and Arizona. In a panic, Larry began to flip between channels, crying for help. Police began a search and rescue team. One helicopter pilot who was searching the Manzano Mountains in New Mexico for Larry says that he made contact with a little boy calling for help, but he called himself ‘David’ not Larry.

A family traveling from Missouri was reported missing on August 11, and they had a son named Larry, but they were eventually found.

On August 12, an Army Sergeant claimed to have spoken to the boy for 3 hours, but could not get him to give more information about himself (phone number, address, etc.). No more contact could be made with Larry, it is presumed his battery died.

The search was called off on August 13. The police stated that there was no concrete evidence. They also say that the boy, if real, may have died sooner than the transmissions stopped, and that the subsequent transmissions from different states–some were even heard in Canada–were hoaxes.

Many believe it was a hoax, but those who spoke to Larry swear to this day that it wasn’t. That the emotion, and the crying, they heard from little Larry was no doubt the real thing.

So what do you think? Was it an elaborate prank? Or did little Larry die alone in the mountains, still lost to this day?