5 Horror Movies With Real Curses

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2. The Exorcist

Movie buffs are well aware that the Exorcist was one of the most grueling movies to shoot. Linda Blair and Ellen Burstyn suffered permanent damage to their backs, the cast was forced to work in freezing temperatures, and director William Friedkin went around slapping people (okay, just one person, but still). The set constantly caught fire, and Friedkin had a priest come pray for the crew and bless the set with holy water.

Approximately nine deaths are linked to the movie (this number has often been debated down to four). Ellen Burstyn confirmed these nine deaths in her 2006 autobiography, and is convinced that the movie was cursed.

Apart from the apparent deaths that took place, there was no mistaking the mass hysteria the film caused. Reports of people fainting, vomiting, having heart attacks, and even one miscarriage came in from all over the world. In Italy a 400-year-old cross was struck by lightening during the premiere. People’s violent reactions to the film were so severe that it was banned in several countries, including England, until recently.

Like Poltergeist, even the sequels weren’t spared. The original director of The Exorcist: The Beginning (my second favorite in the franchise) died before filming even began. The movie was spoken against by the Catholic church, and had to be rewritten.

Seems like someone didn’t want this movie to be made….