5 Horror Movies With Real Curses

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1. The Omen

Even if you don’t believe in curses by now, after reading about The Omen, you may start Googling about where to buy sage in bulk to smudge your house of evil spirits.

So for starters, for starters, Gregory Peck, scriptwriter David Seltzer, and producer Mace Neufeld were each in planes on separate occasions during filming that were struck by freaking lightening.

God was like, “Dude, didn’t you guys get the point after the first two? No? Well, bam, there’s number three, now stop making this movie.” And they were all, “You know what God, we’re just going to keep making the movie.” And God goes, “Just get ready, bitches.” Then he put on his wayfarers and lit a cigarette, because it was about to get ugly.

So the crew had booked a plane to use for some aerial shots. At the last minute, the company rented the plane out to another client. Guess what? It crashed. Killing everyone on board.

Director Richard Donner was staying at a hotel while it was bombed by the IRA. The cast also had reservations at a restaurant that they never made, because it too, was bombed by the IRA.

The day after filming the safari park scene, an animal handler was MAULED BY A LION. Oh, and the cemetery dog scene? Those animal handlers were attacked by the dogs.

It was during filming that star Gregory Peck was informed that his son, Jonathan Peck, had shot himself.

And the granddaddy of them all:

A few months after The Omen had wrapped, special effects director John Richardson was driving with his assistant Liz Moore. They were now in the Netherlands to film “A Bridge Too Far”. On their way to set, they were involved in a car accident. An accident so severe that Moore was cut in half. Richardson survived the crash, and as he stumbled away from the wreckage he looked up to see a sign: Ommen 66.6km.

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