Do You Believe In Magic? Remembering my little brother Cody Cripps


My mom, my brother, and me.

People say there is no such thing as magic, I respectfully disagree. February of this year, the life of my family and myself changed forever. My little brother passed away leaving a hole in our family that may never heal. Cody Lee Anthony Cripps was born March 2nd, 1991. He came into this world in an unusual way as he was born in a toilet when my mother thought she just had to go to the bath room, I always joked that he was born at St. John’s. He was born with a rare disease called Cruzon Syndrome. Cody wasn’t meant to live through the night, and survived for 22 years. He never met a stranger, was a devout NASCAR, WWE and horror movie fan. To know him was to love him. He touched the lives of many. Quite simply, Cody was magic personified.

I was afraid of him when I was a first saw him (I was a child, and a HUGE wuss, give me a break.) I quickly learned he was no different than anyone else. Well almost no different. He was always happy and smiling despite everything. He went through countless surgeries in his life time, and pain I can’t even imagine, but always that smile was there. For Cody the future was always just “Tomorrow” whether it be literally tomorrow, a week, or even a month from now. Hell life would be so simple if only we could all think like that.

Cody was more intelligent than people realized, could even start up and drive a four wheeler. Some of his favorite horror movies were Chucky (what he always called the Child’s play series) and Freddy (What he called the Nightmare On Elm Street series, so yea being with this site is even more special to me.) His favorite wrestlers were Kane and Triple H.

For most people he was hard to understand when he was speaking, but my family always understood him. Cody was also quick to give what people would think as an inappropriate finger gesture when he wasn’t pleased, and sometimes just to joke. That was usually reserved for Dale Earnhardt Jr when he saw him on TV (Dale Jr snubbed him when he got a wish from the Make A Wish foundation to meet Tony Stewart, his favorite driver at a race and go back in the garage area,Before Dale Jr. snubbed him he was his second favorite driver. He never forgot about it.) I’ve officially dubbed that gesture “The Cody” from now on.  That was really all he knew of hate. He loved everyone, and everyone loved him after only meeting him once.

Cody also loved music more than anything. Some of his favorites were Alan Jackson, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, and Blake Shelton. Every night he would have his portable CD player and give us a concert. Robert Frost once wrote nothing gold can stay. I have to say he was wrong. Cody was gold, and he will stay in my family’s hearts forever.

As I write this, I am trying not to cry. Cody was a very special person who touched a lot of hearts. He is gone but he will never be forgotten. I still think of him every day. Rest In Peace little brother. I will see you again some day. This is why I believe in magic, a whole lot of magic

Little brother has done gone home, but I’ll rejoin him in a song.

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