How To Get Rid Of A Poltergeist (According To Movies)

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4. Have You Considered Maybe You’re The Ghost?

I know, Nicole Kidman, I was surprised too.

She’s right though, have you even considered that maybe you’re the ghost? You could be the one flickering lights and banging cabinets.

Take ‘The Others’ for example, a family of pasty British people is being terrified by unseen forces. Their servants start acting really weird and the daughter gets possessed by an old woman at one point. They all start freaking out and it looks like they’ve got a serious case of the ghosties–but–they find a very revealing picture.

It’s one of those old Victorian pictures of the dead, and it’s of the servants, after they had died of tuberculosis–about fifty years prior to them showing up to work at the house.

Slowly things begin to fall into place and the family realizes they actually died horribly tragic deaths–and the ‘ghosts’ are actually the new family who moved into their home.

Holy crap could you even imagine?

What you need to do is consult your local psychic kid, stat. He’ll tell you what’s up.

So, has any of your jewelry fallen off? Did you have any flashbacks or go all see-through?


Then let’s move on…