Creepy Countdown: Friday The 13th


It’s Friday the 13th, and you know what that means. It’s time for everyone to watch their favorite hockey mask wearing, machete wielding mama’s boy. In today’s creepy countdown I rank my favorites in the series from least to most. Keep in mind I am only counting the first ten. I’m excluding Freddy vs Jason, because let’s face it that was more of a Nightmare on Elm Street movie plot wise.

Without further adieu here we go!

10. Friday The 13th Part 5: A New Beginning.

In the vein of Halloween 3: Season of the witch, that had nothing to do with Michael Myers this movie had very little to do with Jason. A year after Tommy Jarvis met Jason for the first time he is sent to a half way house for troubled children.  Not long after his arrival one of the teenagers, a mentally challenged boy is murdered by a house mate with anger issues. Soon after someone is murdering the rest of the teenagers. Has Jason returned or is someone using his M O? Yep most of us would know it’s not really Jason because, the coloring under the eye holes of the mask are blue. Jason’s was always red. While it was a good movie with some decent death scenes, one has to think it was a cop out not really being Jason. Also the movie came out only a year after part IV, so why didn’t Corey Feldman reprise the role of Tommy Jarvis, thus making Tommy look a lot older.

9. Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan

Ah yes Jason takes Manhattan, or as most people like to call it Jason takes a boat ride. A Senior graduation cruise trip to New York. What could go wrong? Well for starters Crystal Lake is in New Jersey they could have just driven to New York. Also why did Jason turn back into a child in the sewers? Though the poster is pretty cool though

8. Jason X

Jason… in space, enough said.

7. Jason Goes To Hell

Another one without Jason, as he learns to hop from body to body. Jason tries to be reborn through the baby of a relative.

6.Friday The 13th part 7: New Blood

The first of four times Kane Hodder played Jason. This one is kind of like Jason vs Carrie as Jason faces off against a girl with telekinetic powers. In a bit of an ironic twist, where Jason has mommy issues, this girl has daddy issues.

5. Friday The 13th part 6: Jason Lives Tommy Jarvis returns once again, this time to make sure Jason stays dead. Unfortunately his good intentions are spoiled as once he stabs Jason through the chest with a piece of metal fence, a freak lightning storm hits the metal, bringing Jason back to life. This was the beginning of slow Jason. Fun fact: In the novelization of the movie we meet Jason’s father. (IF we can find it)

4. Friday The 13th Part 2 The first movie entirely with Jason… with a potato sack on his head.

3. Friday The 13th Part 3 Great (for its time) 3D effects, and the movie where Jason gets his iconic hockey mask. This is where the series really began in my opinion

2. Friday The 13th Where it all began. The rarity of a female serial killer. It was basically a role reversal of Psycho and it worked. One of Kevin Bacon’s first movies.

1. Friday The 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter As we all know this wasn’t the last time we would see Jason, but The Final Chapter is my favorite. This is where Jason meets his greatest foe, a mere child Tommy Jarvis played by Corey Feldman. It almost had the most funny memorable lines.
Well that’s it campers. Until next time stay away from Camp Blood!