Dave Campfield Interview: Caesar And Otto, Paranormal Halloween


Dave Campfield, is an extremely approachable guy. His movies Caesar and Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre, and Deadly Xmas are truly great. Really, he’s just like us.  Read on for an insight into his world.

1428elm: Hello, and thank you for your time. First question. Have you always been a fan of horror?

Dave Campfield: My earliest memories of horror come from seeing highly edited versions of Halloween and The Shining on television. It terrified yet invigorated me. Only fitting that all these years later I’m spoofing them both in this latest Caesar and Otto feature. I was also a haunted house junkie. Anytime a carnival came around, that was the first and last attraction I wanted to go into.. despite the fact, I could rarely make it to the end of the attraction without running away from it in terror.

1428elm: How old were you when you first seen them?

Dave Campfield:I wasn’t anymore than six.

1428elm: What are some of your favorites of the genre of both the past and present?

Dave Campfield: Other then the aforementioned – the Exorcist, the Universal Frankstein movies, including Son of Frankenstein and Invisible Man movies… in more recent years, some of the Scream movies really spoke to me, as well as indie gems like FOUND, or the comedy horrors of Edgar Wright. Some people refer to the series as comedy horrors, but they’re clearly horror with an under current of comedy. Now, the C & O movies… those are comedy horrors.

1428elm: I have to agree, the Scream series means a lot to me. The original was the first horror film I could bring myself to watch. Do you catch any flack from people just spoofing the cliches of the industry and not making something original, with the over abundance of horror parody films out there?

 Dave Campfield: Believe it or not, for all the flack I get, thats not a complaint I hear. Hopefully because there’s a fair amount to the narrative to these stories.

1428elm: What was your inspiration for the Caesar and Otto movies? Myself I see a heavy influence from the Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels classic Dumb and Dumber, with the character of Caesar drawing inspiration from Jim Carrey’s Lloyd Christmas, with a little bit of Moe Howard and Chris Kataan.

Dave Campfield: Equal parts Dumb and Dumber, Abbott and Costello, Felix and Oscar, and the three stooges,though Caesar is decidedly wackier than any of the leading men in those

1428elm: What is it like working with someone who, I consider to be one of the founding mothers of horror Felissa Rose?

Dave Campfield: More fun than making a movie should have any right being… She lights up a room, and seems to be game with everything thats asked. How awesome is that. Next time out, she has her best role of the Caesar & Otto series

1428elm: Yes, which brings me to the next question. Caesar And Otto’s Paranormal Halloween. Probably the most ambitious of all the movies. Is it a lot more challenging work with it being a fully interactive movie?

Dave Campfield: The short movie we’re shooting in tandem is interactive, not Paranormal Halloween. As far as it being more challenging,This is a first. I’ll have to tell you afterwards

1428elm: Has there ever been any mishaps on set of the previous movies?

Dave Campfield: Every movie I’ve done has mishaps. Its a given on any film set. Any movie maker who claims other wise is either lying or extremely lucky

1428elm: What was one of the funniest of these mishaps?

Dave Campfield: Mishaps are more often soul crushing than funny… The average C & O shoot runs approx 11 days. When something goes wrong, comical or not, all you think to yourself is… Oh my God we wont finish the movie!! IE… losing a days worth of footage due to a technical mishap

1428elm: Can we expect to see any recurring characters in C&O Paranormal Halloween, such as the sheriff and his mentally challenged brother?

Dave Campfield: Expect all the key players to return,but not always how you remembered them

1428elm: What about the running gag of Otto jumping from a moving car?

Dave Campfield.: Hell yeah.I believe upon building on certain key gags

1428elm: After C&O Paranormal Halloween, what comes next? Keeping with the holiday theme, I’d like to see something to do with Columbus Day, that’s one Holiday I know of that doesn’t have any horror movies based on it, or even Thanksgiving, or Easter there’s only a couple of those.

Dave Campfield: In the long run, I’d like a Caesar and Otto feature for every season… Summer (Camp), Winter (Xmas), Fall (Halloween), and Spring…Spring Break

1428elm: Have you considered a flat out horror outside of Caesar and Otto?

Dave Campfield :Next year I delve into straight horror with the feature FEAR THE REAPER

1428elm: Sounds great. I’d be amiss if I didn’t ask what can you tell us about the plot of Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween? I assume it’s a spoof of Paranormal Activity. I’m honestly never really liked that series myself.

Dave Campfield: It has everything to do with the haunted house genre, rather than the Paranormal Activity movies. The storyline tackles the tenants of Halloween, the Shining, the Conjuring the Exorcist, Insidious, Sinister, and so many more

1428elm: Are there any plans for Caesar And Otto merchandise? Tee shirts,action figures, comics?

Dave Campfield: Why. want some? No immediate plans, but if there’s a demands for it, certainly

1428elm: Of course, it would help to spread the word of the movies.Maybe full sheet movie posters?

Dave Campfield. :A lot of people asked for the Summer Camp T-shirts as seen in Caesar & Otto’s Summer Camp Massacre…We might end up producing more,as well as a plethora of other goodies.

1428elm: those would be a great conversation starter.I think we’ll end it there. Please keep up the good work, and good luck with Caesar And Otto’s Paranormal Halloween

Dave Campfield: Thank you so much with a week or so left in the campaign.. lets see where we end up

We at 1428elm wish to thank Dave Campfield again for his time, and be sure to support Dave and Caesar and Otto’s Paranormal Halloween here.