Jason Voorhees vs Victor Crowley: Friday Night Frights


Hello and welcome to 1428 Elm presents: Friday Night Frights! Every Friday we will bring to you a different death battle between two horror icons. This week we bring you a fairly new horror icon,Victor Crowley who will be taking on perhaps one of the most prolific slashers in horror cinema, Jason Voorhees! Without further adieu, let’s go to the tale of the tape, in Jason Vo0rhees vs Victor Crowley.

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Fighter History: Jason 

“Going up to Camp Blood ain’t’cha?” ~Crazy Ralph

In 1957 at Camp Crystal Lake, a young mentally challenged boy, Jason Voorhees drowned because of fellow campers teasing. They were unsupervised by horny teenage camp counselors. Soon after a curse descended upon Camp Crystal Lake, many teenagers were killed earning it the nickname “Camp Blood”. The camp was closed down, until 1980 when someone decided to reopen it. Not heeding the locals’ belief of “The Curse Of Camp Blood”. Once again many murders occurred, before a young counselor Alice found out the truth of “The Curse Of Camp Blood”. The person responsible for the murders was… Jason Voorhees’ mother! Alice kills Mrs. Voorhees, and the curse finally came to an end, or did it?

Jason, now somehow a full grown man returned from the dead to avenge his mother’s death. He has been killing at Camp Crystal Lake and surrounding areas ever since, including outer space in the not too distant future. Jason is a seemingly unstoppable killing machine, he utilizes his trusty machete, or anything he can get his hands on, sometimes even his own hands with deadly accuracy. As his victims learn, he is nearly invincible. Jason seems to feel no pain, and possesses supernatural strength. Even the man of our dreams, Freddy Krueger was no match for Mrs. Voorhees’ baby boy.

Alas everything has a weakness. Jason’s weakness is a fear of water, and deep unresolved issues with his dearly departed mother.

Fighter History: Victor “Hatchet” Crowley

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Victor Crowley. Poor Victor, was deformed and lived in isolation with his father, in a secluded cabin in the Honey Island Swamp. One day some cruel children played a prank on victor and his father.

While his father was in town, the children went to the cabin where little Victor was playing alone. They taunted little Victor who hid inside. The children then threw a fire cracker in the cabin. It started a fire. Luckily Victor’s father arrived just in time. He chased away the children. Sadly while trying to save his child, Mr. Crowley accidentally hit Victor in the head with the hatchet he was using to try and break down the door.Victor died, and Mr. Crowley became even more of a recluse, eventually dying of a broken heart. Victor didn’t stay dead. On quiet nights the locals swear you can hear poor Victor calling for his long lost daddy. They say anyone who trespasses on his property will not return. The vengeful ghost of Victor kills anyone who dares invade his personal space. Much like Jason he possesses supernatural strength, and uses any weapon he can get his hands on. Is he enough to take out the man behind the mask?

How they meet:

The Senior class of Crystal Lake High’s senior trip. This year they are going to New Orleans, because the time they went to New York didn’t end so well. Little do they know, a corrupt business man has sold the body of Jason to a medical school in New Orleans. The body is being shipped on the very same flight the Senior class is on. Upon arriving in New Orleans, some the students and their chaperons decide to take Reverend Zombie’s Haunted Swamp Tour. Meanwhile a few miles from Honey Island swamp, the person whom the corrupt business man sold Jason’s body to does NOT work at a medical school. He is a long lost relative of Jason. He resurrects his deadly relative to stop the ghost of Victor Crowley, to make the swamp safe once again. Jason arrives on Victor’s property to see Victor killing the same prey Jason usually hunts. Jason isn’t happy!

The fight: 

The two behemoths quickly dispatch of the remaining teenagers, before coming face to face. Their weapons ring through the quiet night. Limbs are lost, and guts come out. A storm begins to brew, and a rogue stroke of lightning catches a nearby tree on fire! Frightened Victor frantically runs away, leaving Jason to give chase. Jason soon catches up, as he always does. Victor paying no heed, is beheaded by Jason’s trusty machete.

Your winner: Jason Voorhees!!!