Fifty States Of Scary: Alaska, Land Of The Midnight Sun

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Flickr Creative Commons: Doug Brown

Alaska, the North of the Future, the Land of the Midnight Sun, and our first destination on our trip around the United States in our Fifty States of Scary.

I mean the fact that your state is called land of the Midnight Sun, or the Last Frontier has to account for something on the scary meter.

Aside from being home to many haunted places and attractions, Alaska has been the settings of some scary movies as well.  30 Days of Night takes place in Alaska.  Other horror movies that take place in Alaska are Insomnia (pyschological thriller), and Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Have you ever visited and experienced any hauntings, scary phenomenons, or other horrific experiences in Alaska?  Here are some places that you could visit while touring the country looking for spooky aspects of every reach of the United States.

*1428 Elm does not condone trespassing, and many of the sites featured in the Fifty States of Scary series could be private property, or otherwise patrolled by local authorities.  Please use your best judgement when visiting any location, and contact the proper authorities before doing any investigation.   

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