Fifty States Of Scary: Alaska, Land Of The Midnight Sun

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Flickr Creative Commons: Larry Myhre

Fifty States of Scary: Alaska – Kennecott Copper Mines

Alaska is home to an ancient people, is full of Russian settlements long since abandoned, and is considered the last frontier by many, so there is probably untold riches still hidden within the vast expanses of Alaska.

What is preventing Alaska from developing the town of Kennecott and the old Kennecott Copper mine?

More importantly, of all places in Alaska – why this one first?  The span of spook is just so massive with this, you have the mines in the Wrangell Mountains, you have the expansive and now abandoned rail road lines that hauled the ore to Kennecott and points beyond, and you had all the mining facilities.

Mining back in the day was inherently dangerous, so there is no doubt that there were many people that died while working trying to make a living during the boom of the region, in the early 20th century.  There isn’t an accurate body count of the development, boom, and bust of the mining town of Kennecott that apparently turned the region into a ghost town overnight.

Why are the spirits and phantoms so adamant that no one resettle the area?  Are they still trying to just do their jobs and feel threatened by the presence of any one else trying to work in the area – or do they have the inside tract to something more violent and horrible that begets anyone who settles down in the area, something they unleashed in the mountains that is waiting for its next round of victims?  Ok, on that last one I probably got wrapped up in the trailers that get played on my computer everyday, but it is possible right?