Fifty States Of Scary: Alaska, Land Of The Midnight Sun

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Flickr Creative Commons: Jimmy Emerson

Fifty States of Scary: Alaska – Historic Anchorage Hotel

It just seems cliche to include an old hotel on this list, but the history behind the building warrants inclusion here.  Almost every state will have a haunted hotel appear on the list, so why not give Alaska it’s due?

Built in 1916 and remodeled to its current configuration in 1936 – the hotel survived the Good Friday Earthquakes of 1964 that literally crushed the state killing 139 people. Televisions turn off and on by themselves, and running water is a common occurrence, even when no one is around to turn on the faucets.

A young girl spirit has been connected with the second floor of the hotel.  If the young girl isn’t enough to freak you out, how about the man who walks up and down the stairwells?

The hotel doesn’t try to hide the fact that things are moving and happening on their own; and they even keep a ghost log for guests to log any ghost stories that might occur during their stay.

Knowing that the hotel is haunted; would you stay there if you ever got the chance to spend a night in Anchorage, Alaska?