Fifty States Of Scary: Alaska, Land Of The Midnight Sun

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Flickr Creative Commons: Lava

Fifty States of Scary: Alaska – Dimond Center

Any place that has the best of both worlds, a haunting and a hockey rink in one place, where I can also shop and get something to eat makes the list.

Apparently the construction crews dug up small unmarked graves during the building of the Dimond Center, but decided to keep diggingand building.

Now the ghosts roam the shopping center and will show up in front of people in small hallways and in bathrooms.  Will the spirits of a native roaming people ever rest in peace again, or will visitors be in constant fear of a “haunting-tom” while they are in the bathroom?

Urban legend to drum up business, or a real life story that will haunt the mall forever?

That is our journey through the state of Alaska – home to some haunted places.  Keep it tuned in here for the rest of the journey as we continue our path across the Fifty States of Scary.