Morning Horror Report: Halloween Tours, Found-Footage, Kevin Smith


Northhamption offering nightly horror tours through Halloween.  [Mass Live].

It is getting to be that time of the year when historic and haunted places become the focal point for many – Halloween.  While most regular visitors to this site wish for a year round Halloween, the average person is content with one month of creeps and horror.

If you live in, near, or plan on visiting Northhampton before Halloween, then you might want to get on one of these tours.

Make sure you have about two hours, as each tour will last about 90 minutes for the mile long tour through the city.

Annie Keithline, the tour designer, spent her post college days travelling the country, and found that most big cities have ghost tours.  So she decided to return to Northhampton and dive into the rich history of the area.

After doing research, I found there’s a healthy amount of paranormal activity.”  -Annie Keithline


Will the visitors of her tours get to see or experience any of the chills that she has uncovered in her research?  Hopefully she attracts enough attention to the area that the tours can remain open year round.

Found footage horror movies turning into a staple of genre.  [Miami New Times].

I am not a fan of the found footage genre, but there is something about it when you marry it up with a horror theme.  If the footage is choppy and all over the place, the film could be watchable, so here is a list of eleven of the best found-footage horror films.

There are some good, and some bad – but the genre will keep growing, and is attracting the right kind of attention.

Can you handle the found-footage genre?

Stitches will leave you laughing, and cringing.  [Movie Pilot]

It is a British horror-comedy, and it is going to leave you laughing out loud, and cringing hysterically.  A prank goes horribly wrong and a sleazy clown playing a children’s party ends up falling on a knife and dying.

Years later the clown returns and exacts some revenge.  Sounds like another freaky clown we all know and love, the one manipulated by It, Steven Kings very own Pennywise.

Of course, Stitches is supposed to be fun loving, and Pennywise just wanted to eat your kids.

Kevin Smith’s Tusk is exactly what you should expect from Kevin Smith [Early Buzz].

It received a standing ovation and is about a the perils of story-telling.  From the brilliant mind of Kevin Smith comes something truly horror and truly comedy all at the same time.  I mean come on, Kevin Smith has to make you laugh right?

Early responses from Twitter have the film dubbed as disturbing and hilarious in all the right places.