Voorhees (Pamela) VS Loomis (Debbie): Friday Night Frights


Hello fight fans, and welcome back to 1428 Elm Presents: Friday Night Frights! Last week we brought you a battle of two supernatural monsters. This week’s battle is between two ordinary women. Jason’s Mother, Pamela Voorhees, and Billy Loomis’ mother Debbie Loomis! These two have a lot of similarities, including hair style, height, and kill count. Now let’s go to the tale of the tape!

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Fighter History: Mrs. Voorhees:

Pamela’s story is a tragic one. She was a precocious youth, when she married Elias Voorhees in Cardiz, Ohio. Elias was not a kind man. Mrs. Voorhees endured many dead end jobs, and abuse from her husband. That is until she became pregnant. Elias’ abuse stopped one day after Pamela’s son “Jason” convinced her to kill Elias from inside her womb. Mrs. Voorhees fled to Crystal Lake,New Jersey where she worked at a diner. Soon her son was born, and though he was deformed she couldn’t have been happier. When Jason was of age, she took a job as a cook at Camp Crystal Lake.

Her happiness ended abruptly in 1957 when Jason drowned in the lake. She then proceeded to kill every counselor she deemed responsible, before she was killed by decapitation herself in 1980, and Jason took over the family tradition. Mrs. Voorhees resurfaced again a few years later with her head intact. The work of some black magic? She was captured some time later, and whisked away to a secret government facility.

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Fighter History: Debbie Loomis/Salt:

After her husband had an affair with one Maureen Prescott, Debbie Loomis abandons her family and disappears. Her son Billy really took it hard. He was mad enough to kill. After a lengthy revenge, Billy was gunned down by his girlfriend and intended last victim Sidney Prescott. Sidney then went to college, but bad luck seems to follow her.

A string of copy cat murders plague Woodsboro College, after everyone she loves is killed again Sidney learns this time it is the freaky Tarrantino film student, and a surprise return of Mrs. Loomis behind the mask. Sidney kills them, and that’s the end of poor Mrs. Loomis. Or is it? What if that same secret government facility that used black magic to bring Mrs. Voorhees back got their hands on Mrs. Loomis?

The Fight:

In  a strange twist of fate Debbie and Pamela become room mates, and fast friends at the secret government base. Like all mothers, they are proud of their sons. Turns out the government wants to use them and other villains in wars overseas, they’ve already died once and no one will miss them if they die again.

Sadly one day tempers flare, as they will in the mind of psychotic loving mothers. A fight breaks out in the exercise yard. The two go at each other with shivs they both made from stolen cafeteria silverware, they didn’t dare take knives, that would have raised some red flags. Mrs. Voorhees and Mrs. Loomis both land mortal wounds on the other, but they are gunned down in a hail of machine gun rounds by the guards. Their bodies are then disposed of in the crematorium of the facility’s mortuary. Nobody wins, or perhaps we all win, as these two murderous mothers are once again dead, and they have no chance of escaping.