Friday Night Frights: Freddy VS. The Djinn


Hello fight fans, and welcome to 1428 Elm presents: Friday Night Frights. This week we have one HELL of a showdown for you. This week “The Springwood Slasher”, “The bastard son of a thousand maniacs” Freddy Krueger takes on that cunning evil creature who can make all your dreams come true The Djinn! Now let’s go to the tale of the tape!

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Fighter History: Freddy Krueger

Freddy Krueger never had a chance. His mother was a nun who was accidentally locked in a room with a thousand patients at  a mental asylum for the criminally insane. So naturally Freddy grew up in foster care, and showed all the signs of his fathers homicidal tendencies. As an adult he killed and molested the children of Elm Street. When he was let off on a technicality, the parents of Elm Street took the law in to their own hands. They burned down Freddy’s house with him inside, but Freddy didn’t stay dead. Since his death he has haunted the dreams of the children whose parents murdered him…

Fighter History: The Djinn

There’s nothing funny about this genie. A centuries old demon, the djinn is trapped inside a gem. Once an unwitting person unleashes The Djinn they get three wishes. Anything their heart desires is within their reach, with a deadly catch. Choose your words wisely, or this evil genie will take full advantage of it.

How they meet:

Eighteen year old Julia Krueger works for a museum. Her and her friends are plagued by nightmares of a burned man, with a razor glove, a dirty old fedora, and a red and green tattered sweater. The big exhibit this month at the museum of Julia’s  employment just happens to be “Arabian nights”. The most popular piece of this exhibit is on genies. A mysterious red jewel kept under a glass case. Julia becomes so familiar with the story of the Djinns she can recite it in her sleep.

One night her boyfriend Bret is found dead. No one believes her, but she knows what happened. While searching her mothers attic she found an old box filled with family history. She finds out all about her paternal grandfather whom her mother never spoke of, a child murderer named Freddy Krueger…

Julia knows just what to do. She hides away in the museum, until after hours. After the rummy security guard drunkenly passes out on the job, Julia steals his keys and turns off all the security systems. She steals The Djinn’s jewel, replacing it with a replica from the museum gift shop.

She puts the security guard’s keys back in place, and heads home. Once home she unleashes The Djinn and makes her wish. She wishes for the Djinn to kill her grandfather Freddy.

Wish Granted:

The Djinn falls asleep, and dreams of an old run down house with a green roof, and red door. He slowly enters the house, and is met by the man of our dreams, Freddy.

“Who the hell are you?” inquires Freddy with a growl. A slow grin creeps across the Djinn’s mouth.

“I am the man who can make all of your dreams come true. Anything you wish I can give you.”

Freddy thinks it over for a minute, scratching at his brain literally. Finally he cackles and says “I want back in the real world…”

The Djinn claps Freddy on the shoulder.

“Wish… granted.”

Back in the land of the living, the Djinn brings Freddy back to our realm. His body is no longer scarred. The Djinn pulls a scimitar from thin air, and immediately begins slashing at Freddy. Freddy looks at Julia with pleading eyes. Something snaps inside her mind. Blood is thicker than water after all. The Djinn slices off Freddy’s glove, but before he can deliver the killing blow Julia comes from behind and stabs him through the chest with her Grandfather’s glove,sending him back to his infinite prison.  Freddy grins through a blood filled mouth.

“You really are blood of my  blood” Freddy intones as he hugs Julia. Meanwhile Julia looks at the blood soaked glove with a far off daze…

The Winner:

The winners and the beginning of a new legacy of horror, Freddy and Julia Krueger!