Remakes: The Good,And The Bad Pt. 1

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Flickr Creative Commons: Maks Karochkin


What is scarier and more horrific than a scary movie?  A remake of a scary movie.  Over the years there have been a plethora of horror movie remakes. Some people love them, but most seem to have a closed minded stance with no legitimate reason to hate them. Why? So what if a movie is remade this doesn’t mean the originals will somehow disappear. Granted, I firmly believe there should be a rule a movie should be at least twenty years old before it’s even though of being remade.  

That being said for every movie that is remade there are good and then there are bad. Click through the slide show for some of the better remakes/reboots from the past to today. With so many remakes in existence, it’s extremely hard to choose the good from the bad. Some of the remakes on this list were chosen for the differences. Others were chosen because they were genuinely better than the originals. Still more were chosen simply for a more in depth story they brought to the table.

Scroll through to see if your favorite made the list. If you feel by some chance there are some I missed feel free to add them in the comments section. Remember 1428 Elm is a site by fans for fans and we always value the opinions of our fellow Elm Street residents. Enough of my incessant babbling. Let’s get to what you came here for. The best remakes in no particular order are as follows. Of course this is just MY opinion. Now for your regularly scheduled programming…