Remakes: The Good,And The Bad Pt. 1

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1. The Blob (1988)

The original “The Blob” was released in 1958. It was about a strange extraterrestrial jello that devours a town. Let’s face it, that’s pretty cheesy. In 1988 (notice that’s a 30 year gap) a remake came out. It starred the now horror icon Shawnee Smith. The Blob in 1988 has the same simple premise. What makes The Blob remake truly stand out is it’s visual effects. The way The Blob devours his victims in this incarnation is way more gruesome. I must admit, I have not seen this movie. I am only going on fan opinion on this one. Any way, do you know the ingredients of Jello? It’s ground up horse hooves people!

As if that’s not scary enough, now it’s eating us?! At a time like this only one man can save us… Where is Bill Cosby when we need him?! Seriously though, I will watch this remake as soon as possible. Until then be careful of Jello molds. You never know when it made decide it is tired of being consumed, and then consume you. If the movie is as good as I have heard I will be sure to review it at a later time and give everyone of you Deadites my full unbiased opinion. Now that I’ve some what redeemed myself we can all get moving and go to the next movie on the list. Wait a minute. I haven’t seen it yet either. I really should be ashamed of myself. BAD BILLY! Moving on…