Remakes: The Good,And The Bad Pt. 1

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4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)

We all know Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) is a classic. There was a lot of fan outrage when news of the remake hit. Let’s face it folks with a movie called Texas Chainsaw Massacre you would expect a lot of gore. The original while a classic was lacking in this aspect. This remake has it in spades. Some of the gore even made this seasoned horror veteran cringing. Then there’s the interesting back story they gave Leatherface himself. The best part of the movie for me is actor R. Lee Ermy. Again, notice the almost 30 year gap between movies. From the very beginning when the female hitchhiker blows her brains out you know this remake is going to be much more gore filled. The scene where Leatherface cuts the guy’s leg off and smacks salt on it even made yours truly cringe!

If there is one thing I did not like about this remake, it’s when they show Leatherface’s real face. Before that moment Leatherface was the one masked maniac whose true face was NEVER seen. Thankfully the carnage more than makes up for that one digression. Of course having the eye candy that is Jessica Biel doesn’t hurt either. As previously stated R. Lee Ermy’s performance is great, and brings a certain dark comedy to the movie that was present in the original. For these reasons I have chosen Texas Chainsaw Massacre as one of a very short list of GOOD remakes. We’re almost through just one more remake to go.