Remakes: The Good,And The Bad Pt. 1

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5. A Nightmare On Elm Street (2010)

I know, I know. I’m almost as surprised as you are that I picked this one. It’s honestly not that bad, and I was one of it’s biggest naysayers. There can only be one Freddy, and that’s Robert Englund. That coupled with this Freddy looking like a hairless cat as well as sounding like a cross of Wolverine and Sylvester Stallone made this seem unbearable to me. When I finally watched it I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did it keep some of the iconic scenes from the original (as seen above) it gave us a better look at Freddy before he became the man of our dreams.  Also it made the final scene look more realistic.

For these reasons it made the list. Freddy is once again truly scary. There is none of the somewhat scary clown he became after the first movie of the original series. Though the remake did keep one of my favorite lines: “How’s This for a wet dream?”. The movie also gave Nancy more character. Along with Freddy and Nancy having a connection. It builds upon what was originally started in 1984. In the original script for the original Nightmare On Elm Street Freddy was a child molester. That was taken out of the final script, but there are slight implications that lead you to think that. In the remake it’s completely confirmed. Most people hated this. Would they have felt the same if he was a confirmed child molester in the original movie?

Well that’s it for the good horror remakes. As I said this is only my opinion. If you feel I missed any worth mentioning sound off in the comments. We want to hear from you. Without you fellow residents of Elm Street we here at 1428 Elm wouldn’t be here loving what we do. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed reading it. This is only the beginning. Be sure to read the follow up piece on the remakes that are not so good, coming soon.