FrightPix Gives Great Halloween Marathon Lineup


Everyone loves horror movies, especially now that the weather is turning colder, and thoughts of what is going bump in the night are at an annual high.  October is the month of Halloween, and many friends and families will be gathering around in the living room to watch as many scary movies this month as humanly possible to get their inner scare on.  If you don’t want to watch the cut down versions that make their way onto television (or the Disney-fied family specials) then you do have some alternatives.

You can find a rare movie store and rent a stack of movies for your movie pleasure, you can mooch off a friend that has a paid for on demand service, or you can use Frightpix, a cool FREE service to get your scary on.

This was the blurb I got when I was emailed about the new online video channel:

We love Horror Films!  FrightPix was created for people like us who want to watch “Great Horror.  Free.”  FrightPix has full-length movies that will scare you, make you cringe, make you feel creepy, or sometimes make you laugh when the films are really “campy.”  We built FrightPix to be a user friendly movie destination.  No movie is more than two clicks away an dthey are all FREE.  

Now I was just as skeptical when someone boasts “free”  on the internet.  There has to be a “catch”.  There really isn’t with FrightPix, if you can stomach the ad pauses in your movie.  For some, those “commercial” breaks are great for refilling popcorn, running to the bathroom, or setting up the next prank to scare one of your unsuspecting friends.

These aren’t illegal downloads or torrents that will drive the movie industry crazy and have your uptight friends screaming PIRATE!  when they should be yelling GHOST!

FrightPix has given us a list of the twelve movies that they have featured on their site, that think will make up a great marathon of horror movies.  You can watch their suggestions, or create your own movie playlist to scare the crap out of your friends.

5ive Girls – a scary “Harry Potter” where teenage girls are sent to a school. realize they have special powers, and then try to battle an ancient demon that has the school under its thumb.

Amber Alert – you have seen those blurbs on the highway, a television, your smart phone, but things start to go wrong when friends follow a car listed on an Amber Alert.

The Attic – oohh, the look alike haunting of a family that moves into a spooky house!

Backwoods – the suits head to the woods for a wilderness weekend, only to be hunted.

Clown at Midnight – clowns at midnight, everything is cool with that right?

The Collector- deadly traps in the double crime movie that will scare you straight.

Dead Tone – prank phone calls turn deadly.

Devil in the Flesh – girl love teacher, teacher loves girl, but someone won’t walk away alive.

Infection: The Invasion Begins – its a zombie movie!  What else needs to be said?

Perfect Sisters – sisters try and free mom from the bottle by offing her.  Special kind of kids there.

Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi -some people have secrets.  Some secrets are best kept covered up.

Spirit in the Woods – Lost in the woods or something worse?

There are a couple on the list that have peaked my interest, both in the writeups and on the site (Seduction of Dr. Fugazzi just looks totally creepy and is on my must watch list, but that is just me judging a book by its cover).

If true horror aren’t really your thing as Halloween gets closer, there are plenty of comedy horror titles as well (Bikini Blood Bath Christmas) , as well as your creature feature flicks such as Breeders, or Croczilla.

Hey all, it’s free, why not check it out this Halloween?

Here is a trailer from 5ive Girls: