Ma Petite, American Horror Story Questions


Have we seen the last of Ma Petite alive on American Horror Story: FreakShow – or have we seen another weak plot point of targeting what might be the weakest link in all of Elsa Mars collection?

We rarely see Ma Petite on her own, but when she is alone, she is very susceptible to treachery.  Maggie tried to kill her, but was charmed by the little beauty.  Dell has no such feelings – and he has a dark and dirty secret that needs to be kept.

I continued to promote that something bad was going to happen to Stanley, that the freaks would overcome him and not give in to his tendencies.  He is so good at what he does, he has not only the twins fooled, but Elsa herself, and no one wants to blow his story wide open.  I can see where Maggie Esmerelda wouldn’t want to blow her cover – if it is found out that she is in cahoots with Stanley, then she is in just as much danger as the con-man himself.

We don’t get any closure on many things this week again – as the storylines continue to get stretched out.

Elsa continues to want the best for her monsters, but only at the expense of her being successful. The Tattler sisters are playing with fire and get a little big for their britches in their demands for their change in story.

Elsa wouldn’t try and deliver them into the hands of Stanley if they kept their list of demands quite simple, and quietly return to the Freak Show.

Has Ma Petite finally met her maker? With the seemingly never ending circle of fantasies and unknowns – could we just be seeing a plan hatched in the drunken mind of Dell Toledo?

With no doctor that Ethel trusts, and to do the surgery for Desiree Dupree; what do they have to live for anymore? If they aren’t happy with the talk of Jimmy Darling and Dell Toledo, Dell is going to have to answer to two of the women in his life.

Has Jimmy come full circle now that him and Dell have had their long awaited father/son moment on the show? In the first few episode young Jimmy wanted to rise up and lead the freaks, not only in Elsa’s show – but in the search for equality among the masses.

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