Z Nation: Sisters Of Mercy – Someone Dies Tonight


Edit 11/21/2014 11:38 p.m. EST: The episode has ended without conclusive evidence about who died, if anyone.  Leave your theories in the comments below.

In tonight’s episode of Z Nation, “Sisters of Mercy,” the entire group of survivors will reunite at an all female community and someone will die.  To be fair, though, someone dies in each episode.  Earlier today the official Z Nation Facebook page made a post hinting that it will be someone important: “One more survivor will die on tonight’s #‎ZNation‬…”

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Fans have expressed their concern over this announcement saying that the post is going to ruin the surprise.  They have also made some wishes about who they want offed and pleas for who to keep.  The surprise may be ruined, but the question of ‘who’ will still add suspense.  Let’s take a look at who’s left and their chances of getting the ax.

Roberta Warren – After the death of Garnett a few episodes back, Warren has become the group’s new leader.  This character also received a lot of development from a lost husband, the death of Garnett and her grief-filled drunken chat with a captive Z.  If Warren is killed, the group would likely become more democratic which doesn’t lend itself well to storytelling.  Nobody can take the blame for a bad decision.  Warren is an option but is more than likely safe.

Murphy – The entire series is based around escorting Murphy to a medical facility so it wouldn’t make sense to kill him.  Maybe in a twist of storytelling Murphy could die, then go full Zed but with his consciousness intact.  Kind of like how he is a human/zombie hybrid now, he could become a zombie/human hybrid after death.  This is a twist suited for a series finale, though, which would serve itself better in season two.  It is very unlikely that Murphy will die.

Doc – This guy has had his head in the oven a few times already and if not for the support of the group he would likely be dead.  Doc’s purpose on the show is mostly comedic.  However, where Warren knows combat and 10K knows stealth, Doc is a black market guy which has helped the group greatly when trying to obtain a helicopter and in entering a shooting competition for a sweet rifle.  Doc has higher chances than Warren or Murphy but the show would lose a lot without him.

10K – Viewers don’t want to see this kid come up short on his goal of killing 10,000 zombies.  Right now he is at over 2,000 and unless he somehow carpet bombs a couple metropolitan streets in tonight’s episode, it isn’t going to happen.  Furthermore, 10K is easily the fan favorite of this show similar to Daryl in The Walking Dead.  10K has had some development with his past and the last episode left him jaded after he couldn’t save a father-figure from dying.  If the writers of Z Nation kill off 10K they are going to have to some how find a way to create a character 100 times better or they will give a good portion of the audience a reason to no-longer watch the show.  10K cannot die.  It is impossible.

Cassandra “Sunshine” – Cassandra is not well liked.  She hasn’t been a focal character.  Aside from clearing up some mystery as to where she came from before the group in one episode, we don’t know enough about her to care.  She did bond with Addy after Addy was abducted by the cannibals Cassandra used to help.  There have also been hints to a secret attraction between her and 10K.  There is potential for her character but if the writers cut her, not many would care.  This makes her a good choice, although if the viewers don’t care about her death, that might also be a reason she stays alive.

Addy – Addy is a lot like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider or Kate Beckinsale in Underworld.  She’s kick-ass enough for females to admire and men to be attracted to.  In previous episodes she has been abducted and used as bait for cannibals, had paralyzing flashbacks and most recently had to come to terms with her repressed experience from the start of the outbreak.  The preview for tonight’s episode (video below) shows us an Addy that has been changed a lot after her journey with her memories.  In shows like The Walking Dead, when a character’s emotional side comes in to focus it usually means they are about to meet their end.  This could be true for Addy, and if she goes Cassandra is going to have to hike her aggression and sex appeal in order to fill the gap.  Addy could be a good choice, though it would waste an entire episode devoted to her past and doesn’t give the viewers much of a chance to see how she has changed and how she takes those changes with her.

Mack – Like Cassandra, Mack is not a fan favorite and has received little character development.  The episode “Die, Zombie, Die… Again,” teased us with an entire dream sequence showing us Mack’s personality which was quite fun.  That all turned out to be Addy’s dream though, which means we still don’t know much more about Mack other than he is Addy’s shoulder to cry on.  If Addy has come from her experience reborn, she may not need that shoulder and the show may not have a reason to keep Mack around.  Mack is a good choice, which is sad because the group won’t have a tough-guy any more.

Simon “Citizen Z” – This would be a wild twist.  Of all the characters, Citizen Z is not with the group.  He’s far away up north with a bunch of fun spy gadgets to keep the survivors on track.  He’s already had a run-in with a zombie dog and almost died of oxygen deprivation while hallucinating a friendship with a cosmonaut named Yuri.  If he dies, the group would have to go it alone for the rest of their trip, which would be interesting.  However, the show started with the premise of Citizen Z bringing all survivors in the U.S. together and reclaiming the dead airwaves with news and warnings.  Simon’s probably not up for consideration on this.

After reading some of the comments to Z Nation‘s post it is clear that Doc and 10K are the most loved characters.  Next are Addy, Murphy and Warren.  They all seem to agree that Cassandra and Mack can go.  Citizen Z is in a league of his own, but liked nonetheless.  All that is left is to wait and see what happens in tonight’s episode: who dies, who lives, how they handle it, what weird zombie they encounter and what strange way they think up to kill it.  Leave comments with your pre-show predictions or reactions after the episode.