Thanksgiving Horror Flick: Boogeyman


Shouldn’t surprise anyone that there isn’t a major holiday that Halloween has tried to take over.  Thanksgiving is no exception.  Were going to take a look today at several horror films that took place on or around Thanksgiving.  While your enjoying your turkey induced coma, before you take your annual Tryptophan nap, take in one of these movies that will haunt your dreams, and should replace football on Thanksgiving.

So far we have had a decent attempt at a Thanksgiving horror movie, and one real dud.  Were going to fast forward into the 2000’s with this next flick, and discuss the 2005 horror flick Boogeyman. Where is the connection here?  As the Thanksgiving holiday rolls around, a man is haunted by an entity that tormented him as a child, what every child is afraid of, the boogeyman.  Except for this child, the fear is a reality.

Thanksgiving Horror: The Boogeyman

While some people fault this movies for its un-originality; can you really provide me an example of an original movie lately?  Everything is becoming a remake, or a reboot, or based on something else.  Everyone is afraid of the boogeyman at one point in their lives, so it is only natural that someone make a movie about it. Some people don’t grow out of that fear however.

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  • Now you can’t really compare a modern movie to one that was completed 20 years previously, but this is by far the best looking of the films we have seen so far.  It also is probably going to be the scariest, because it can happen to you.

    Much like anything else supernatural however, can someone who has never really seen the boogeyman put a face to such a horror?

    Boogeyman Plot

    Tim Jenson saw something horrible as a child, and lost his father to the boogeyman.  As an adult, he leads a normal life, but only because he has eliminated all closets from his living space – the spot where the boogeyman dwells.  Oh, and he also sleeps with his mattress on the floor, just in case its one of those under the bed type monsters as well.

    Everything is going good for Jenson, until he has to return to the family homestead based on a premonition he with his mother.

    He is now face to face with every horror that he has worked so hard to eliminate.  Of course Tim works through his psychological and real fear, and the movie closes with him free of the monster that has ruled, or ruined his life.  *SPOILER ALERT* For those of you who stop watching movies as the credits roll, shame on you.  We find after the credits run that the boogeyman has a new target.  Enter the ability for a sequel, Boogey Man 2 and 3 went direct to video.

    See, there are more dangers than a mother-in-law when you go home for Thanksgiving.  Out of sheer fear of the dark and my relentless need to sleep with the light on after watching the movie, I give this film four turkeys out of five on this Thanksgiving holiday.   If any of our horror genre villains get a float in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, I vote for the boogeyman.  In my opinion, there is only two things scarier than the boogeyman, and that is Freddie Kruger, and Pinhead.