Dead End Supernatural Killer Flick [Video]


Christmas is a time for family, and sometimes that means going over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house, except sometimes the road through the woods to grandma’s house is one long road that will turn into a Dead End. 

It is December, and that means that everyone is going to cash in on the 25 days of Christmas, and were going to a look at 25 horror films that are centered around Christmas or the Christmas season.  Our first movie on the list is Dead End – a story about Frank Harrington and family and his family on his way to his in-laws for Christmas.

Dead End Plot

Frank Harrington is driving his family to his in-laws for Christmas dinner.  For most married men, just going to the in-laws is horror enough on the holidays, but for Frank, the horror is just beginning.

Normally Frank takes the interstate all the way to his wife’s mothers house, except this year he decides that after 20 years he is going to take a shortcut.  Should have stayed on the interstate Frank.

Things start to get bad for Frank as he starts to doze off at the wheel.  Awakened and startled permanently awake by almost getting into a head on accident, strange things start to happen.  As the family, Frank’s wife Laura, daughter Marion and son Richard, along with Marion’s boyfriend sing along together – Frank see’s a woman on the side of the road carrying a baby.

All we every wanted was a nice Christmas!

Now for starters, in the middle of no where, Frank wins the dad of the freaking year award for letting his daughter walk in the dark, on an unknown road while he picks up a hitchhiker.  Sure the woman looks like she is in distress; but come on!

So while Richard is off in the woods getting fresh with himself to the skin mag he had rolled up in his pocket, he in shock hitchhiker starts talking to Brad in the car; and ends up dead, but not until Marion see’s him being driven off in the bag of a dark car with heavily tinted windows.  The next time we see Brad he is mangled beyond belief.

The next time we stop, Richard gets it, only after he falls in love with our Lady In White, who distracts Richard by shedding her clothing, only to bite off his lower lip.  Richard is carted off in the same black vehicle, and ends up mangled just like Brad.

Pretty soon it is just Frank and Marion left, Laura rolls out of the car while Frank is doing at least 60, because she can know see all of the dead people in the forest, to include a friend that died long ago.  Frank starts shooting a the car, which rolls away living a critically injured Laura behind.  We started with a car of five, were now down to two.

Frank doesn’t make it to the end of the film, but Marion walks away from the car and sees the body bags lined up in the road, the black car appears, and the Lady in White.  When the Lady in White tells Marion that he isn’t hear for her, we are instantly jumped to the hospital.

The film ends with Marion being the lone survivor, but we see our “collector” and his black hearse.

It all comes together at the end.  Marion, who is studying to be a psychiatrist, puts  her family problems and hell story together in her head while in a coma, but that doesn’t explain the note at the end of the film now does it?

Dead End Cast

The film has a relatively small cast, headed up by Ray Wise – who has been in a ton of smaller television roles.  He has the face off, hey I know that guy, but you can’t really place him.

The film is obviously a low budget production, but for a low budget production was well done.  As far as the film goes, 1428 Elm gives it three out of five bloody Christmas trees.

The film itself wasn’t overly scary.  There were a few jump out scary moments.  The film was worth watching though, so if you get the chance, turn lights down, and don’t pickup any hitchhikers this Christmas.