American Horror Story Introducing New Characters


There will be at least two new characters introduced this week when American Horror Story returns to the screen on Wednesday night.  One of our characters was slightly introduced in an earlier episode, but technically speaking, only had a phone conversation with Gloria Mott.

Regina Ross Enters American Horror Story Freak Show

We last saw Regina Ross when she calls to speak to her mother, the former maid of Gloria and Dandy Mott.  Regina is worried because her mother missed their normal phone chats and was calling to check up on her.  When all she gets is a weird vibe from Mrs. Mott with plenty of excuses of why Dora can’t come to the phone.  Regina asks for a message to be left for her mother to call as soon as she could.

Regina ins’t satisfied, and in episode eight, entitled Blood Bath, Regina will show up at the home of Dandy Mott, a place where she had been as a child, playing while her mother worked.

No doubt she will be welcomed in by Gloria Mott, but apparently the welcome won’t be so, well welcome.  In the episode preview, we see Gloria coming up behind Regina with a pistol.

Will she be able to cover up the fact that her former housekeeper was killed, or will Dandy have to step in and save his mother from having to do with it?  Either way episode eight is not going to end well for Regina.

Elsa Mars has an opening at the Freak Show.  In our last episode of American Horror Story’s fourth installment of the anthology series, we see strong man Dell Toledo crushing the poor Ma Petit with a bear hug, one that she readily enters into because he gives her a new dress.  Ma Petit was Elsa’s right hand women.

With several of the freaks thinking something is amiss with Elsa, between the disappearing twins, and her quest for television stardom – Elsa doesn’t really have anyone to trust anymore.

Enter into the tent, stage right, the new freak Ima, played by Chrissy Metz.  Not a whole lot is known about Ima this week, but we do see her having a healthy appetite (multiple stomachs?).

We still have a few characters to meet, as we have yet to meet the contortionist with three legs – with Ima now entering the scene, how many more new freaks do we get in the remaining episodes.  And overly realistically, how many freaks live in 1950s Jupiter, Florida?

Penny The Candy Striper

You remember Penny – the adorable candy-striper that Elsa and company used in the first episode after springing Dot and Bette from the hospital.  Well apparently in her night of debauchery at the freak show – she got a little attached to Paul; something that did not go over well with Daddy.  Well now our adorable little hospital volunteer is tattoo’d herself, and also has a split tongue.

Penny is already more than upset with her father, and quite possibly is going to get rejected by Paul in this episode, which will cause her to return to her father with even more hatred and get her revenge.

American Horror Story returns to television this Wednesday December 3rd.