Muck: A St. Patrick’s Day From Hell


Finally: a St. Patrick’s Day-themed horror film that doesn’t involve leprechauns.

I think.

The film, Muck, is about a group of friends who, having survived one horrific encounter in the marshes of Cape Cod, hole up in an abandoned vacation house.  There, they find something even worse lies in wait, and that they are trapped between the evil still hunting them in the marshes, and the evil they have awoken inside the house.  I’m going to guess a lot of people die in horrible ways, with a set-up like that.

The film’s writer and director, Steve Wolsh, describes it as “4k, ultra-HD horror with no CGI, literally made by a bad-ass cast and crew with bad-ass cameras out in the swamp in the middle of the night.”  All right!  These guys are so enthusiastic about making horror films, they already have plans to make a prequel: Muck, Muck: Feast of Saint Patrick.

Fans of the horror genre might be pleased to hear the film features Kane Hodder, who has starred in Hatchet and has played Jason Vorhees in four of the Friday the 13th films.  Muck is also lucky to star Jaclyn Sweberg, the 2012 Playboy Playmate f the Year.  (How much do you want to bet she shows a little skin?)

Muck is scheduled to terrorize movie goers starting on Friday, March 13, 2015.   The movie will also hit Blu-Ray and DVD on March 17, with pre-orders beginning on February 11.

Check out the trailer below!  Head to the official website:!  Find them on Facebook!  And ask yourself, why so many exclamation points!!!