American Horror Story Freak Show: Tupperware Party Massacre


We are nine episodes into the American Horror Story FreakShow – and the fantasy comes back into episodes.  Instead of what could have bappened; were now seeing some supernatural ghosts among the freaks.

While Ethel Darling sees the end of her mortal life in the last episode, Kathy Bates still makes her presence felt in Tupperware Party Massacre.  She appears to Jimmy in his drunken state.  Then she appears to Dell after Ma Petite yells at him to sign his suicide note.  Ethel isn’t there to protect Dell, or convince him that what he is doing is wrong, on the contrary, she urges him into the noose.  She pretty much tells him its the manly thing to do.   Will we continue to see our dead characters show up and influence the storyline?

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  • Dandy Mott looks like he is finally going to meet his just reward, except it turns out that he isn’t just a maniac boy stuck in an adults body, but that is wealthy and smart enough to actually get away with what he is doing.  While Regina thinks it is a good idea to face this monster with a single police officer, wait; scroll back a second there.  What police department, shows up to confront a potential murder suspect with only one police officer?  The one police officer who could be bribed quite easily, I mean he didn’t even bat an eye lash when Dandy offered him a million dollars.

    Stanley is up to his old tricks.  Apparently Ma Petite wasn’t enough of a target for him.  He still, like everyone else has an eye for the twins.  Stanley knows just what to use when it comes to getting his way too.   The twins have caused a rift at the caravan – Elsa has it out for them.  Dandy and Jimmy are going to go blow for blow over the twins, because Dandy thinks that Jimmy was responsible for taking them away from him.

    Jimmy continues to take his mothers death hard.  He has spent his time in a drunken state.  He doesn’t want his mothers banners taken down; Maggie catches him having sex with Ima, the newest in the troop.  Where Ima see’s it as love at first site; Maggie exposes it for what it is.  Jimmy is apparently the catch of the night, as the Tattler sisters expose their inner (and outer) most secrets to him, only for him to stop them, as he is in love with someone else.

    Dot and Bette Tattler seem to finally find peace – only to have their heart(s) torn out by Jimmy because he finally figures it out.

    It doesn’t take long for things to go from bad to worse for Jimmy Darling – as the police show up to arrest him for the murders around town, to include Gloria Mott, Regina’s mother, and the ladies of the Tupperware party.

    If American Horror Story Freak Show Tupperware Party Massacre was all about things almost coming together for characters, next weeks episode Orphans might start to answer some more questions.