2014 Good Year For Horror To Five Films


There are just a couple of days left on the calendar for 2014,  it has been a good year for horror movies all around.  There does have to be the best among the best, and here are five of the best movies released in 2014.  Compare them to your list, did I leave any out?

Oculus – April 14, 2014

On the cover it doesn’t seem that Oculus would be any different than any other horror movie that wants to blame an inanimate object for their problems.  But like I said, that is jus on the cover.

Oculus took a blend of modern problems with childhood memories and without cashing in on straight up gore gave horror fans a reason to open up their own childhood and start flipping through the pages of the yellow book for the a good psychiatrist.

You see when it comes to the mirror, you don’t know what to believe. Is it real? It is a made up story that two scared as shit kids make up to justify that their parents didn’t have that happily ever after marriage?

Maybe it is just because I just finished watching season one of American Horror Story: Murder House, but this is pretty much the same concept, that the mirror uses some hidden evil potential along with the ghosts of the victims to lure in even more terror.

It has a small cast, and for many is too mainstream – but that hasn’t shaken off the success that has left open the door for one hell of a wicked franchise.

Purge: Anarchy – July 25, 2014

I didn’t have a lot of faith in the franchise after the first movie.  I mean, it was hailed as the film about the annual purge, but it was more about how a group neighbors and bad decisions had targeted one family.

The second film in the franchise is probably the redeeming factor – if it really needed it, because the first Purge movie wasn’t all that bad.  The second Purge focuses on money once again – this time the rich aren’t the ones just hiding from the Purge, but using their wealth to buy the right to be a pat of the purge without leaving some of their creature comforts and a little bit of security.

I can see them coming out with another Purge, perhaps the next one will be modeled after The Most Dangerous Game?

The Sacrament – June 6, 2014

How do you start a  mini civil war?  You remind people who have removed themselves from real life with the allure of a nirvana type experience on earth.  I mean how many real life failed prophets have to be followed before people just tell someone that sounds way to good to be true, no thank?

This is listed as a red band trailer – so watch at your own risk.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to include a found footage film in my top five movies of 2014 – but is there any way to tell this type of story without the found footage subgenre?

It isn’t just found footage either, Father wants a certain message to get out; just not his people.

Zombeavers – April 13, 2014

The closing scene from the trailer says it all about why I have included this on my list.  “I mean really?”  Yes really, because sometimes you need a little comedy with your horror.  I mean that is why they make it right?  Because sometimes it is just fun to pick on scary stuff right?  Zombie movies are supposed to be fun, so this one takes it to the next level, but come on – its zombie’s and beavers!

” I’ve never even seen a real beaver before…”  “Well maybe you should try and go down on my once in awhile.”

Zombeavers has to be in your lineup, even if it just means taking a break from the truly horrific and scary to laugh once in awhile.

It delivers your typical zombie fair, with plenty of comedic one liners to make it a night.

Annabelle – October 3, 2014

There is something about creepy dolls that just the blood flowing right.  Chucky, Robert.  Possessed dolls are out there, and Annabelle takes the cake.

A brutal slashing, a lot of blood, and an evil spirit goes into a doll. What is not to love about this movie?

So there you have it, my top five horror movies of 2014 – that you should have watched. If you haven’t – well you still have a few days left, what are you waiting for…..afraid?