January 2015 DVD Release Schedule


January 2015 is right around the corner, in fact there is less than 12 hours remaining in 2014.  Starting next Tuesday, the wait for new horror movies to add to your home collection beings for 2015.

There are a total of ten horror/thriller dvds and blue rays being released throughout the month of January.  If you haven’t already preordered your titles, here is the January DVD release schedule.

January 6, 2015

No Good Deed

Technically a thriller, but thrillers are the evil step cousins of horror.  This is a home invasion flick.  Guy escapes from prison, finds out his fiance has been cheating on him, murder ensues.  Our heroine in the story Terri Granger lets our killer in under the guise that he needs help getting a tow truck.

Left Behind

Its a Nicolas Cage film, so don’t hold out high hopes.  It is an end of the world type movie – or the beginning of the end we should say.  Typical family problems for characters, and random people start disappearing.  Our main character Chloe sees the chaos ensue, and helps land a plane with nothing more than a Ford and a compass.

Sounds to be less like the end of days, but more like the beginning of the Rapture.


Fans of Stephen King band together on this one, as Joe Hill’s (son of Stephen King) book of the same name is brought to life by Daniel Radcliffe.  Radcliffe’s character is accused of raping and murdering his girlfriend – but he uses his new found powers and paranormal ability to uncover the real criminal.

January 13, 2015


Bea and Paul are newlyweds who trek out to a rustic cabin in a secluded part of the forest.  (Damn stupid people, don’t they watch horror movies before they plan trips like this?)  There is some weird things going on – as the honeymoon doesn’t last long.  Extraterrestrial infidelity perhaps?

The film was written on inspiration that even small moments can drive wedges between people.  If you ask me, if I find out that my new wife was pregnant with an alien baby and she tied me to an anchor and threw me in a lake, little bit more than a small wedge don’t you think?

Alien Abduction

The same says it all right?  This science fiction horror film is a found footage film about an autistic boy who records his ordeal as an alien abductee.  You might want to wait until this one hits the bargain bin.


There are two DVDs that are being released in January that I am really looking forward to and Jessabelle is the first one, which will set the stage for next weeks release of Annabelle!

Jessie and her fiance are in a fatal car accident, which kills her fiance and unborn child.  She survives but is unable to walk.  She returns to her fathers house to heal, only to find an eerie tape of her mother – and a demonic presence in the house.  There is some foul voodoo at play here, and one movie that I will be adding to the collection.

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January 20, 2015


What could probably be said is the movie of the year.  A supernatural horror film spun off prequel from The Conjuring.  Despite all the hype and the build up (which is most often the case in a movie such as this) Annabelle got some bad reviews upon initial release.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it picks up in popularity off the shelf.

It isn’t like it is going to have much competition in the horror genre on its release.


There aren’t any sparkling vampires in this one, but rather a boy wyou has to learn to keep his lycanthropy under control after murdering his parents.  If I have my choice between movies on this Tuesday release, Annabelle will definitely end up finishing the day as the better horror release.

January 27, 2015

Big Driver

I am going to be buying this one out of sheer collectors value.  When something has Stephen King’s name on it – its a must grab.  It could be horrible, it could be awesome, it could be completely different than from what he wrote down on paper.  But you know what – that just adds to the simple fact that Stephen Kings created world of interconnected dimensions and storylines of alternate realities allows for it.

Big Driver is a Stephen King adaption of a Novella by the same name that appears in his 2010 Full Dark, No Stars collection.  This was actually a Lifetime movie before anything else, originally airing on October 18, 2014.  Meaning it will probably be in the 4.99 bin at Best Buy before long.

It still is a Stephen King though so you have to add it to the collection.

The Remaining

January closes out with another apocalyptic horror film, this ones about a group of friends that are forced to do an examination of their lives shortly after the rapture hits, and earth enters into the seven years of Tribulation, a Christian Eschalotogical theory.

What movie are you picking up in January 2015?