American Horror Story Returns To Television


After the holiday hiatus, American Horror Story is back to finish what they started last year, with the culmination of Freak Show, and the countdown to the end.

I still haven’t quite got myself on board with Freak Show.  I have circled back and watched the first seasons of American Horror Story – and this season is less about what scares you and more of an adult soap opera with different love interest and bloody endings.

But I regress.  The show circles back and we see how Stanley figures out how to get the hands off Jimmy for certain.  Stanley would have been best served by getting his one freak and getting out of dodge.  Once he had Ma Petite in his clutches, he should have take the cash payout the museum gave him and gotten out of dodge, or found another freak show to riffle through.

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With Maggie and Desiree uncovering the museums exhibit, possibly for Maggie to save her own skin, or to get back into good graces with Jimmy, and now Dell having found out what he has done to his son – Stanley has to be on the run – and he has to know it.

While Maggie is atoning for her sins; Dell is attempting to do the same – as he battles local law enforcement with the help of Amazon Eve to spring Jimmy from confinement.  Although, Desiree and Maggie have brought back something from their trip that will send quakes through the freak community.

Dell has had it coming from the time he arrived, and when Maggie reveals to Elsa the poor little corpse of Ma Petite, Desiree is getting the confession out of him. I don’t think Desiree would have pulled the trigger.  I don’t think that was her style.  I think Desiree would have made Dell pay in a much harsher fashion.  She just seems more deviant than that.  Elsa on the other hand – loves her little monsters, and only need to hear those few short words out of Dell’s mouth before shooting him from behind.

The Freak Show has been sold, and something truly horrific has finally found its way into the cast, something not normal, or out of this world.  Chester’s dummy Marjorie is as murderous and manipulative as anyone else on the circuit.  Chester himself is just struggling with being back in the real world after the war and looking for a way to fit in.

I am glad they gave a little more dimension to the character of Charlie than just the fact that he was a travelling salesmen with a  magical side.  The fact that he comes from a dark past – and has some weird attachments make for an interesting mix to the cirque.

Dandy finds his way back into the hearts of the twins, as he sees the ability to team up with Marjorie to blackmail Chester into doing something horrible.

Is Stanley off the hook?  Has Maggie protected her interests as well as her friends, by pinning the missing freaks solely on Dell?  Will be tough to convince anyone of that if something is to happen again and no one has Dell to pin it on?

America Horror Story Freak Show is starting to grow on me a little more, it only took most of the season, but at this point; might as well see it through right?

Only two more episodes until curtain call.