American Horror Story: FreakShow Tying Up Loose Ends


As the end draws near for American Horror Story:FreakShow, writers and producers are tying up loose ends in the storyline and closing out the lives of plenty to drag out the show at least one more week.

The show starts out in celebration of a seemingly renewed future for the Freak Show under the watchful eye of Chester, and well Marjorie.  Everyone is around the table including our friend Stanley.

Well this is the last meal for Stanley, despite his attempts at retreat, he gets a ride on Elsa’s wheel of fortune, only to be let down, impaled, and told to run.  With a gimp leg and weather working against him – he doesn’t make it far.

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Elsa accuses him of bringing death to this camp, the sight of Ma Petit in a jar raging deep in her soul.  With Stanley out of the picture, Elsa realizes that her dreams aren’t going to become a reality, and she is now just part of the slide show attraction, no longer in charge.

Of course while Chester reveals his true identity to the troupe, Marjorie gets into Chester’s head again, and poor Maggie, despite trying to make herself “whole” with the group for her part in Stanley’s efforts, finds herself in the middle of a struggle she barely understands.  When she steps in for Bette and Dot, who are to be gotten rid of according to Marjorie – she ends up getting herself cut in half by Chester.

While the freaks stand around shocked at what happened on the rehearsal stage – there is no remorse had for the death of Maggie.  She had it coming.

The freaks have already drafted a side show pact to ensure that Elsa doesn’t have a future – but maybe their future under Elsa is a bit safer than anything that Chester can bring them.

Of course Elsa has a blind eye to what is going on in her circus, because she is attending to Jimmy, trying to get him a new set of hands courtesy of her personal savior, and nursing him back to health.

Halfway way through American Horror Story: Freak Show Show Stoppers we are back to the original troupe of characters, well at least partly, as outsiders are now taken care of, with both Stanley and Maggie now deceased.

It isn’t just death that is going to destroy the band of circus freaks.  Bette and Dot get a visitor that warn him of Chester, probably saving their lives.  They return the favor by tipping Elsa off that her monsters are coming for her.  A kind act for a kind act.  Elsa is no where to be found when the cast goes looking for her to avenge Ethel.

Chester has finally cracked and has turned himself into the police for killing Marjorie (that will be interesting to see how that plays out, turning himself in for killing a doll, while covered in blood), Dandy is the new owner of the Freak Show, and Jimmy gets his new hands, almost identical to his own.

So it appears that not all loose ends are tied up, but have no fear, the Curtain Call is next week.

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