Helix Series Premiere Introduces New Virus


In perfect timing of American Horror Story: Freak Show coming to a close, Helix starts up to give horror fans something to look forward to.

After a brief review of what happened during Season 1 – we get to fast forward to the Island, where we see someone with a gas mask on attack one of the good doctors, Julia gets knocked out and carried away by someone interested in her knowledge of getting to San Jose.

The producers back track to what we get to perceive is patient zero, the yacht that has 27 dead passengers, and one survivor.  While we haven’t found another outbreak of Narvik.

Is Ilaria behind another virus to control the population, or are we up against a new enemy?

Helix: San Jose is starting to be more like a survival slasher with the CDC team and company seeking their own survival while trying to decipher what the biological issue that creates a mushroom growth out of your mouth if infected.

Are we looking at another Narvik type outbreak, where we see zombie like beings that cause problems, or is the team going to have to combat the fierce force of whatever is behind this new biological weapon.

As the team gathers in the woodline to care for the injured Dr. Sarah Jordan – they realize that they are in a mass grave of sorts.

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In typical season premiere fashion we are getting a lot of information to digest in a rapid fashion. There is going to be a connection to the first series; because we see Julia wearing contacts that cover her now silver eyes, which she gets last season after it is revealed that her father is immortal and behind Narvik – and that she is now a member of the board and, well she has some of her long lost father’s traits.

An interesting timeline is given – how far ahead of Julia is the CDC team? After they find their lone survivor in the shed where Julia was once held captive, or will be held captive, they are quickly surrounded by a cult of island dwellers.

The Islanders have a compound, and come offering what is possibly an olive branch and shelter.  The island is dangerous they tell Peter, and their only salvation might be joining them at their compound.  Pulling up the compound gates we get the feel of the Walking Dead town that the villain the Governor had control over.

A closed sanctuary – where have we seen that before?  The Walking Dead, The Village; they all had the best intentions at first; but turned out to be something more than any visitors bargained for.  Michael seems to be a litte,”god” like or empowered – given the creepy shoulder touch he left Sarah with.

Julia is on the island 30 years after our CDC team – there is a danger in the abbey, and the team is up against a cult that doesn’t have a leader that thinks he is god, but a leader who likes to play god.