‘Sinister 2’ Trailer #1 Shows Bughuul More Than the Entire First Movie Did!


The first official trailer appears to be slightly less of a bag of crap than the teaser!

Whether we are ready or not, here it comes: the sequel to a successful movie that in no way, shape or form demanded a sequel!

Of course, I’m talking about Sinister 2, a movie that I am not feeling much love for . . . along with roughly 90% of the fans of the original film, judging from what I have read on YouTube and in the forums/comment sections of various sites on the web.

It doesn’t help that the teaser that was released last weekend did little to convince me that this sequel would be as creepy and interesting as Sinister – it reminded me a little too much of Children of the Corn, unfortunately.  Thankfully, I didn’t have wait to catch a full trailer, as one dropped on yesterday that gives us all a bit more to digest.  Let’s take a look!

My first reaction . . . is that this still reminds me of Children of the Corn.  How could it not?  We’ve got children murdering adults, a cornfield, a shot of a scythe, and creepy crucifixes . . . in the cornfield!  Not impressed.

The film also seems to be relying on the dreaded jump scare technique to jolt the audience – I counted no less than four in the trailer alone!  Granted, a few of those were probably edited in solely for the trailer, but it’s still disappointing to see the jump scare of Bughuul appearing to leap out of the photo.  The first Sinister relied on atmosphere and the growing sense of dread that we felt as the mystery was slowly revealed; I guess now that Bughuul has been identified as the culprit, mystery gets traded for jump scares – loser, the audience.

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Speaking of Bughuul – man, we sure see a lot of him in this trailer, don’t we?  Let’s ignore the fact that he looks a bit too much like Michael Jackson for my liking – thank you, YouTube commenters for putting that idea in my head! – and focus on the reality of the franchise: there is clearly an attempt to make Bughuul the next iconic horror figure, along the lines of Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, Pinhead, etc.  Therein lies the evil of the horror movie sequel: everything becomes a cash grab, and the characters get whored out.  Again, this goes against everything that made the first movie successful, and it is just not convincing me to spend my hard-earned cash seeing Sinister 2 in theaters.

Finally, the one positive I take away from this trailer is that the film is apparently going to spend more time developing the backstories of the children upon whim Bughuul is preying than the first one did.  That could be a smart move, especially since it provides a legitimate reason for those creepy home movies to be shared.  Admit it – the entire reason you saw Sinister in the first place was because of the f***ed up home movies that were featured in the original trailer!

Unfortunately, I have still not seen enough to make me hop onboard the Sinister 2 bandwagon.  All the signs of a bad sequel are present – but I’ll reserve final judgment for August, since the film is set to scare theater-goers on August 21.

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