Five Worst Horror Sequels I Have Ever Watched

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Let’s get ready to rumble!

All right, everyone – I hope you’re in the mood for a lively debate today!

I’ve been sitting here, fuming over the seemingly unnecessary sequel to Sinister ever since I saw the teaser and full-length trailer that have been released for Sinister 2.


It’s too bad – I really enjoyed the first flick, and hate the fact that almost every horror film that gets released nowadays has to be converted into a franchise.  Sometimes, you gotta just let a good story do its job, and move on.

Of course, that is easier said than done.  Once you get stumble upon a solid plot device or memorable killer/monster, it’s easy to go back to the well for inspiration.  The problem is, if a sequel wasn’t in the writer’s mind while he was penning the original script, it’s tough to make a sequel feel organic.

With all of these thoughts buzzing in my mind, I sat down this morning and scribbled out a list of the five worst horror sequels that I could remember.  Some ground rules:

1. I’m only talking original sequels here: part twos.  The deeper you get into a franchise, the easier it is to pick the films apart.   I’m trying to keep this list under 50!

2. I say this every time: I have not and cannot hope to watch every single horror film made.  If there is a film that you absolutely, with every stitch of your being, feel should be on this list, by all means chime in below – but keep in mind I may not have seen it yet.

With that being said, let’s get to the suckage!

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