Five Worst Horror Sequels I Have Ever Watched

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Silent Night, Deadly Night 2

Look: Silent Night, Deadly Night is by no means a classic.  We all know that.  Still, I have a soft spot for it, probably because I was only 13 when I saw it (don’t ask me how I convinced the parentals to allow this!) and it spooked the hell out of me.   It’s a guilty pleasure, sure – but a pleasure nonetheless.

The sequel, though . . . oh baby!  This one is all sorts of special.  For starters, it retells the entire story of the first film.  Wait – so it’s a remake?  No.

Then, after the flashback to the original film, we get . . . flashbacks to the new killer’s story, leading up to present time.  Okay.

Then, after the killer murders the shrink he told 2/3 of the movie’s plot to, he finally embarks on his mission, which is to finish the job his brother (the murderer in the first film) couldn’t do.  He does, is shot, dies, then doesn’t die . . . f**k.

Honestly, I’m not sure which is worse: the writing, or the acting.  If you have never seen the infamous “Garbage day!” clip that defines this movie, enjoy!  Just make sure this is the ONLY part of the film you ever watch.

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