Five Worst Horror Sequels I Have Ever Watched

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 I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Since I Know What You Did Last Summer was just an okay slasher flick, it sure as hell didn’t deserve a sequel.  Still, it had beautiful people in it, so sequel it got.

And insult the intelligence of audiences it did!  I mean, just think of the plot device that gets our protagonists to the Bahamas: Brandy’s character calls a radio station to answer the question “What is the capital of Brazil?”  She answer Rio de Janeiro – wrong answer – but is informed that she is correct and is given four tickets for the trip.  It turns out that the contest was rigged

Wait, what?  No one listening calls bull**** on this?!?   None of her friends – college students, mind you! – know the correct answer to the question?  How the hell would a psychotic fisherman have the pull to arrange such a rigged contest, anyway?

Trust me – the stupidity does not end there.  I know that pretty much every horror movie has a handful of moments that ask you to suspend your disbelief – that’s putting it nicely – but this is an entire damn movie of such moments. Were the writers making fun of their audience?  Trying to be tongue-in-cheek?  High?  Stupid?  High and stupid?

I lost brain cells watching this one, folks.

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