Five Worst Horror Sequels I Have Ever Watched

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Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2

Low-hanging fruit?  Perhaps. But I don’t rate this movie as the worst horror sequel I have ever seen because it was an unnecessary sequel, a la Sinister 2.

Nope – instead, I put this one at the top of my list because it could have actually been a pretty damn good movie, had the studio not interfered and forced the director, Joe Berlinger, to deviate from his vision so many times.

I appreciate the original The Blair Witch Project – I’m not one of those people who have turned on it over the years and bashed it due to the fact that found footage films got annoying, fast – but I like the fact that Berlinger did not want to just churn out another found-footage flick.  Unfortunately, the film is a jumbled mess due to all of the changes he had to make.  There are some really interesting ideas in this film, but that only makes you want to scream even more as you watch it shift gears from “inspired” to “we hate you.”

Seriously – movie studios should try hiring the right people, and then just getting the hell out of the way.

That’s my list!  I am aware that there are many, many horror movie sequels that could be put on a “worst” list – feel free to share your own top five in the comments below!

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