The Gallows: Found Footage Horror Film A Regression Of The Genre


The Plot:

Years after a tragic accident during a high school play, the school decides to try and move on by putting on the same production the accident happened during. When a jock , who has recently quit the football in favor of co-starting in the play, and his friends decide to ruin the set due to his performance anxiety, the play starts seeming like a seems like a thing of the past. Only things aren’t what they seem and if they don’t act quickly, they may not make life’s curtain call. Welcome to The Gallows.

The Review:

Originally, I had slight interest in The Gallows. The trailer was cut exquisitely, and I thought it could be a half way decent time. I figured either way I could give my fellow Elm Street residence the first hand scoop on the new Blumhouse outing. I freaking wish I hadn’t. This won’t be a long review, I don’t want to be in the head space of this film for longer than need be. And there won’t be a quote on the review. No line is memorable in the cheap flick. So let’s all go off book, pack into the rehearsing room, and go over these lines as I review the 2015 film The Gallows.

The Direction:

Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing direct The Gallows with laziness and a massively minuscule vision. Actually, to call the film directed is a feat in itself. This isn’t a film, it’s a cash grab from that little logo you’ve become accustom to before every theatrical horror outing these days. I read an interview recently with Jason Blum, who created and runs the Blumhouse label, where he stated he and his partners don’t put everything in theaters and that once they see a finished film, they decide between straight-to-Netflix or theatrical distribution. After seeing this piece of garbage, he should be embarrassed for himself and the label as a whole.

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Among the horrible directing choices, one huge problem is the way the film is photographed. The film has cell phone footage spliced in with the hand held camera footage from the stupidly annoying friend’s camera. So let me get this straight, this is a found footage movie, this is the concept they want us to believe right, that this footage was found after the events of the story, and you want me to believe this is even remotely believable. Did someone at the police precinct get Adobe Pro out and cut this? Are you serious! There’s even a dissolve at the end. WHAT! I hate this movie. There was more on the direction I wanted to talk about but I’m trying to knock out this review and erase this film from my memory Men in Black style.

The Acting:

The acting in The Gallows comes across life just like the world in which it’s set; a high school play. Maybe this was a reality show turned movie and I was out of the loop. I really wish I didn’t even know about the loop on this one. While the acting in the film isn’t the worse I’ve ever seen, it’s still really wooden. I can’t blame them; it must have been frustrating to act to lines and concepts that are blaringly dumb. I wouldn’t be surprised if the script was written by eight graders with fourth grade supplies. It’s just bad, don’t go see this crap.

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The Script:

The script for The Gallows seems like the kind of dribble that you’d read on the wall of a bathroom stall. The Stall stalwarts are no doubt better writers. Seriously, this script is garbage. And that’s putting it lightly, if this could even be considered a script. This is for more reasons than why leprechauns can only shop the bottom shelf.

One reason is flat out stupidity. There are something’s in the film that are supposed to be big plot twists. You’d have to virtually be an idiot to be one of these characters and not pick on these things. I mean, I’m not of brilliant mind, but my god these people are stupid. Even the “surprise” ending is beyond telegraphed. God I hate this movie.

The Verdict:

The Gallows isn’t just a waste of time; it’s a waste of life. I can’t, and will not, recommend the film to anyone with half a brain. I might be so kind as to spare the brainless as well. Stay in, put those feet up, and watch some TV or an old favorite. You’ll thank me later.

The Grade:  F-