Scream Episode 3 Recap: The Game Begins


I’m not even going to put a spoiler warning this time. This is the third episode recap for Scream The TV Series and if you don’t know there will be spoilers by now, shame on you. Another week and another great episode of Scream The TV Series down. Seven more to go. Luckily with this concept there can be many seasons in different small towns.

Poor, poor Riley. I was really starting to like her but let’s start at the beginning. The game has begun, but not trivia. The game of cat and mouse, but who exactly is the cat and who is the mouse? The episode begins with a flashback to the first two Brandon James murders which makes you wonder who those two are before you realize it’s a flashback. It’s a little confusing at first, but it’s kind of like the movie within a movie that the Scream movie franchise did a few times. Then we have the killer taunting Emma. Emma realizes there are more secrets her mother is hiding.

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We learn a little bit more about Jake and Will’s secret. It involves money, they were in some kind of business with Tyler. We can be sure it wasn’t anything legal. I’m guessing something to do with an underage adult material, given the video we saw of Nina in the last week’s episode. Jake confronts will when he finds the money in the buried lock box is gone. What are they up to? There is a tense standoff as Will gets ready to take a knife out of a sheath behind his back.

At the school, the students are paired up to reenact a famous romantic scene from any medium. The teacher is a bit distracted thanks to Brooke playing her own game. She left a steamy picture somewhere in his classroom. Noah and Riley are paired up which leads to a steamy encounter, but they are interrupted before things get too hot and heavy. Riley receives a message on her phone from “Tyler” asking for help. Riley meets up with Brooke and Emma at the police station where they learn the message is coming from Tyler’s phone. Though we know Tyler isn’t Ghostface, that poor boy can’t even… get a head. The cops Brooke and Emma convince Riley to set up a meeting with “Tyler” with a police officer that looks a little like Riley in her place.

Then the fun begins. Emma gets a call from Ghostface. She hangs up on him, so he leaves her a text and forces her to choose who she wants to live between Brooke who had received a text from the “teacher” to meet him at a hotel or Riley back at the police station. Emma foolishly answers “Do NOT hurt Brooke”. So Ghostface goes after Riley. Emma and her mother tried to get back to the police station but it was too late, and poor Noah got to hear Riley die.

There are so many twists and turns in Scream The TV Series. The feeling of paranoia and not knowing who to trust is really starting to escalate. There was a little more emphasis on Emma’s as of now absentee father, could it be that he is Brandon James’ brother? Though one inkling of a clue did emerge. Can we assume that since Ghostface gave Emma a choice, that there are the traditional two killers? After all, Ghostface can’t be in two places at once can he? Your guess is as good as mine. Join me here next week for the continuing saga of Scream The TV Series.