The Five Scariest Music Videos You’ll Ever See

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5. “Rocket Skates”- Deftones

"Guns! Razors! Knives! F*ck with me!"

The Deftones single “Rocket Skates” from their album Diamond Eyes is one to get your adrenaline flowing and your blood pumping. The lyrics as well are also haunting (Let’s fall, in a long sadistic trance/Put the keys in our hands), implying that something sinister is going on with frontman Chino Moreno and the person he is speaking to.

The music video itself sheds some light on the song, as we see shots of Chino arriving to pick up a young woman in red (always a sinister color) as she is getting ready for what is presumed to be a date. However, we next see that they’re armed with a straight razor and snub-nosed pistol, leading the viewer to wonder, what exactly do they have planned for their date?

The shots of Chino and the woman are usually dimmed or in a red tint, implying that whatever it may be, these two are up to no good. God save whoever is in their way.