The Five Scariest Music Videos You’ll Ever See

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3. “3 AM” – Eminem

"The sight of blood excites me/ That might be an artery son/Your blood curdling screams just don’t seem to bother me none"

Everyone’s favorite rapping psychopath Eminem released his morbid side again with “3 AM,” detailing the thoughts and inner workings of a serial killer under the influence of psychotropic drugs. He alludes that he cannot help his murderous urges (I guess I musta just blacked out again/Not again!) but by the end of the song he makes it known that he actually enjoys his rampages.

The music video is very bloody, that’s for sure. Eminem stalks his victims throughout the fictitious mental hospital “Popsomp Hills (‘Pop Some Pills’),” and the hapless victims are shown bloodied and strewn about throughout the video.

After the effects of whatever drug he is on die down, Eminem finds himself disoriented and in the middle of the dark woods, jumpscaring the viewers one final time with a scream at the end of the video.