The Five Scariest Music Videos You’ll Ever See

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2. “Serial Killer” – Motörhead

"I am the red straight razor/The one who bathes in blood/I am the Boogeyman/I am the empty, yawning hood."

Lemmy’s gaze. Guh. Guaranteed to unnerve the stoniest of men. On 2002’s Hammered album, “Serial Killer” only took a minute and a half, but his gravelly opening (I am the Serial Killer) is enough to send chills up anyone’s spine.

The music video only adds to the terror, as the viewer is met with an unblinking stare as the camera pans out, followed by various shots of death such as a man choking and a woman appearing to overdose. This imagery adds to the idea that the narrator believes or actually is Death incarnate, the ultimate “Serial Killer.”

Fun fact, WWE COO Paul Levesque (Triple H) provided back vocals for this spoken word track.