Top 10 H.P. Lovecraft Film Adaptations

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8. Bride of Re-Animator

Back to Re-Animator! The second film in the series was directed in 1990 by Brian Yuzna and is the sequel to Stuart Gordon’s, Re-Animator. Eight months after the events of the first film, Dr. West and Dan Cain return home from the Peruvian war to their former positions at the Miskatonic University Hospital. West returns to Cain’s basement to continue his ghastly research. Conveniently located in the hospitals morgue, is an evidence box entitled “Miskatonic Massacre.” We revisit an old friend as the head of Dr. Carl Hill is re-animated. But there’s more! West discovers the heart of Cain’s old love, Megan. Dangling it like a bloody carrot, West convinces Cain to help him continue his research. Nothing could possibly go wrong!

Still not as good as the first, but definitely better than Beyond Re-Animator, it is a must-see for fans.

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