Top 10 H.P. Lovecraft Film Adaptations

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6. Lemora

Lila Lee is a child full of pure innocence with the voice of an angel. The daughter of a father who murdered her mother, she decides to go on a quest to grant her father Christian forgiveness. She hears that her father has taken off to the mysterious town of Astaroth, so she sets out into the night to find him. But Astaroth has been taken over by degenerate victims of some mysterious disease. Holding the town in her grip is Lemora, a tall, elegant woman whose interest in Lila is less than chaste, despite her maternal posturing. Lemora is a vampire, and she’s intent on drawing Lila into her dark embrace…

This film got a very limited release and was wreathed in controversy. The Catholic church condemned it, calling it anti-Catholic. Despite this, it maintained a cult popularity and can now be found on DVD.

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