Top 10 H.P. Lovecraft Film Adaptations

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3. The Whisperer in Darkness

Coming in at number 3 is the 2011 film, The Whisperer in Darkness. Miskatonic University professor Albert Wilmarth is intrigued by the documents sent to him by a terrified Vermont farmer who insists that mysterious creatures have been appearing all over his community. He has documented strange animal prints in the soil near his home, and needless to say, he is very, very afraid. Professor Wilmarth travels to Vermont and begins a journey that will plunge him in the center of a terrifying conspiracy. One that is not of this earth…

Though The Whisperer in Darkness never received a theatrical release, it was screened at dozens of film festivals to glowing critical reviews. An atmospheric, dark and chilling film, if you can get your hands on it, it’s a must see.

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