1428 Elm: Our First Wes Craven Films

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With the news of Wes Craven’s death, we here at 1428 Elm felt it fitting that we share our first Wes Craven films and the impact they had upon us. There are many directors in the horror genre, but only a select few have made the impact and had the success that Craven found. From Last House on the Left to My Soul to Take Craven inspired many people.

With his long and storied career, these are only a few of the Dream Master’s films. Over the years I’ve seen a plethora of horror movies and although I couldn’t tell you the director, I always paid special attention to Craven’s work. Wes Craven had a style all his own, and even without knowing or looking at the credits, a well-trained eye could easily tell a Wes Craven movie from everything else. Longtime readers will already know the first Wes Craven movie I watched. 

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