1428 Elm: Our First Wes Craven Films

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Teresa Lobos – Scream (1996)

Like William, my first Wes Craven film was


Up until then, the horror films in my life were of the black and white variety: the old Universal monster features,

House on Haunted Hill, The Innocents,

etc. When I was around 12 or 13, I saw


at a friend’s house and honestly… I was less than impressed. It was my first experience with any sort of gore on screen and I considered it a cheap ploy to induce fright. It wasn’t until a few years later after I was well-acquainted and wholly in love with the slasher genre, did I understand the brilliance of


It was at once a smart homage to the horror films that Craven loved, as well as something unique and fresh – a much-needed slice of originality in a dying genre.

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