Fall Horror TV Preview 2015

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Returns Tuesday, October 6th at 9:00 p.m.

Where: The CW

What is it?: Based off Micheal Allred’s Vertigo graphic novel, Olivia “Liv” Moore (Get it? Get it?), a medical student in Seattle, is attending a boat party when a zombie massacre breaks out and she’s bitten. With a new found appetite for brains to keep under control, Liv quits her career path takes a job at the morgue. She soon discovers that whenever she eats a victim’s brain, she temporarily gains a piece of their personality and flashbacks which provide clues to their twisty demises. Using these abilities to identify with the victim and passing herself off as a psychic consultant, she helps the police department solve the murders while searching for a cure.

Are we excited?: The graphic novel was great and while the series can’t have the same level of weird quirk, Rose McIver is charming and made the more trite procedural aspects of the first season more fun than you’d imagine. Here’s hoping the second season squeezes in a bit more of a narrative arc and focuses less on the “mystery of the week” style of season one.

Binge, purge or savor? Braaaains! I mean… Binge. Definitely binge. 

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