Fall Horror TV Preview 2015

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The Vampire Diaries


Returns Thursday, October 8th.

Where: The CW

What is it?: Based on L. J. Smiths literary cult classic of the same name, The Vampire Diaries initially started out as a dramatic love story between Elena (Nina Dobrev) and the non-human blood drinking vampire stud, Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley). But as the series continued, more of the supernatural set living in the fictional Mystic Falls got to see their characters fleshed out with dramatic plot-lines of their own. This show has everything. Aside from the usual werewolves and vampires, you’ve got doppelgangers, witches, magical rings, and a gaggle of ridiculously good-looking people.

Are we excited?: We’re not. We’re too old for this. But, it’s popular enough and vampires, I guess? I think they don’t twinkle. Also, no Nina Dobrev this season so who knows how that will turn out.

Binge, purge or savor? Purged like an ugly person from Mystic Falls. 

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